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Re: Hyundai Kona US Pricing

Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:01 pm

So, I missed the SoCal opportunities but today I was driving by the local Hyundai dealership and stopped in as I wanted to see if they had an Ultimate as I wanted to check out the HUD. Sure enough, they had one on the lot and I viewed the head-up display statically while parked. I was impressed that it was usable despite the sun directly beating down on it.

Checked out the Monroney sticker and the dealership had tacked on $9000 on top of the MSRP! Before tax and license, the number was $55K-something. Classic case of sticker shock. Since I'm not in a hurry, might as well keep waiting...

Too bad, because I really like those paddles and the zero-regen setting.

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Re: Hyundai Kona US Pricing

Thu Dec 26, 2019 3:49 am

I suggest looking at sales on the east coast. I bought from a dealer on the east coast summer 2019 and had my Kona EV shipped cross country for less than the gougers here on the west coast were asking. I got my Limited version for approximately MSRP.

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